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Turkish citizens who have come from abroad and received education abroad, foreigners who want to live in Turkey and work in Turkey in their profession depend on legal processes and procedures in obtaining equivalence.

No one can work in the profession and field in which they are trained without having an equivalence certificate. And they can’t open a business. People who have studied and studied in the medical and health sector must obtain a license to work in Turkey, open a special examination or work in health centers. For this, they must have an equivalence certificate.

With this information, we will discuss dentistry equivalence conditions and equivalence processes.
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How Do Foreign Doctors Get Diploma Equivalence In Turkey?

Legal acceptance of Turkish citizens and foreign citizens who have received medical education from abroad to perform their profession in Turkey depends on the equivalence of the diploma. Diploma equivalence is given by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) institution in Turkey. Additional courses may also be requested if deemed necessary after application.

The processes of obtaining equivalence certificate for people who have graduated from the Departments of Medicine and Dentistry of foreign universities and have a diploma;

All Turkish citizens and foreigners receiving doctor training in countries other than Turkey are required to apply to the YÖK equivalence Board. Applications to this institution are made via the internet. People with an E-government password can also apply for equivalence through this system.

Applications cannot be made in writing, only online.

The application fee is 185TL for 2021 and this fee must be paid.

After applying online, the appointment date is taken. The applicant must be present at the Ankara branch of the YÖK equivalence institution with the documents requested on the date of appointment. After the documents and documents are delivered, the applicant will be interviewed and evaluated.

It can take approximately 3-24 months to evaluate and finalize documents and documents, and a result is announced during the application process.

People who have studied dentistry abroad must perform their profession within the borders of the Republic of Turkey and obtain a diploma equivalence certificate for this

30 of the Law No. 1219 on the execution of the style of Tababet and Shuabati Arts.article ‘ in order to perform the art of Dentistry within the Republic of Turkey and carry the title of dental physician, it is necessary to be Turkish and obtain a diploma from the Dental School of Turkey Darülfünunu.’with the regulation of the Republic of Turkey within the borders of the profession of Dentistry laid out the conditions for doing.

As a result of this arrangement, T.C. in order to be able to perform the dental profession within its borders, the person concerned must be Turkish and receive a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Dentistry at a University in Turkey. If the dentistry diploma is obtained from a country other than Turkey, the diploma must be accepted by YÖK, the equivalence regulation of YÖK diplomas and the license equivalence certificate must be registered by the Ministry of Health.

Foreigners who want to work as dentists in Turkey are not required to become citizens. But foreigners of Turkish nationality are asked for work and residence permits. In addition, they must graduate from the department where they are studying abroad and their diplomas must be accepted by the YÖK that they have been given an education equivalent to the Department of Dentistry in our country.

If you want to practice dentistry in Turkey and carry your title as a dentist, you must be Turkish and have a diploma from the faculties of Dentistry located in Turkey. T.C. in case of becoming a citizen, the diploma equivalence must be approved by YÖK and registered by the Ministry of Health.

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