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Biochemistry and Anti-Aging Specialist Doctor in Antalya “One of the biggest mistakes with nutrition is eating late. Because this situation invites not only extra pounds, but also diseases,” was said.

Some experts note that consuming most of the daily calories earlier in the day and eating light food for dinner will make a significant contribution to our health. By the way, they emphasize that the time of dec is also important. But there are different opinions about the time. Some say that the best time is 18.00, others say that it is 19.00.

Turkey Medicals member and hospital department Biochemistry and Anti-Aging Specialist Doctor, we asked about the best time for dinner and the effects of eating early on our health.


– What do you think is the best time for dinner?

The issue of timing is important not only in food and weight, but also in the cellular functioning of the whole body. Even the recovery or worsening of all diseases is affected by this issue of timing. It is correct to simply say thatthe functioning of the whole body depends on the time of day. the morning’s work is different from noon, the noon’s work is different from evening, the evening’s work is different from night. The subject of timing is such an important branch of medicine that it is studied under a new title called chronomedicine. There are circadian genes in all cells, and the functioning of these genes is different depending on the time of day. As for the issue of food here, studies say that in the evening, when the lights of the sun are dimmed, the entire digestive system begins to work differently. For example, insulin released from the pancreas in response to blood sugar makes a more accurate blood sugar adjustment in the morning tues, while it starts to become inept at this adjustment in the evening. The system that takes care of all food and drink work, from digestion in the stomach to the work of the intestines, becomes lazy at night. Because the internal clocks in the genetic code of the cells of these organs are set to work better when there is plenty of light during the day. This is an adjustment that has been in our nature for thousands of years. It’s not our nature to eat late. Following the circadian system, it is appropriate to eat your last meal before 17:00.


– So what should we do if we get hungry when we eat early?

You’ll get used to it when you have an early dinner. Especially if you don’t eat carbohydrate, i.e. sweet flour, at that last meal, you won’t feel hungry afterwards. Perhaps it will be difficult for you to immediately abandon your night eating habit, but it will be easier for you to do it if you think about the size of the benefits here. Initially, you can spare such light dishes as soup, olive oil. But his ideal is to be in a state of complete hunger.

– What does eating dinner late (for example, at 21.00) lead to?

Food at this time ages quickly. It is really so. As you eat late, you strain the system at the cellular level. For example, let’s just take an example of our intestines: the entire intestinal surface needs to be fully renewed every 4-5 days. This regeneration becomes maximum in the case of evening hunger and a good night’s sleep. However, if you eat, your intestinal structure will remain old. Some people insist on eating late, so they may be advised not to eat at least heavily. Soups, stews, Turkish olive oils can be recommended. But flour-sugary foods and heavy meats should not be present at this meal.

– How to avoid night snacks?

If you can’t break this habit, you can make snacks from vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, peppers; fruits with low sugar instead of snacking on cakes, pies. Nuts remain heavy for a night snack, it is necessary to eat them during the day.


– What are the benefits of eating dinner early?

The sooner you get dinner, the better. You will not have disturbed the biorhythm of the body. I told you there’s a schedule for all the work in the body. The time required for renovation and repair works is also evening hours and night sleep time. If we close the chapter on eating early, the body, which can easily go into the fasting phase, begins to cleanse us of all old cells. We call it autophagy. It means the destruction of old cells by the body. It can also be called a cellular detox. When the old cells are destroyed, new cells must be made instead. This procedure is also better at night when you are hungry. Then only by pulling dinner early can we get rid of our old cells and get new ones. Eating at night makes you gain weight. That is why those who eat at night, although they are not relatively overweight, their lumbar regions and livers become fat. If you have a desire to lose weight and want to gain health as a bonus, then you should postpone dinner until 17.00. This is a knowledge that is becoming increasingly common in all of medicine. This recommendation is also the fastest weight loss recommendation. Because it is during the day when the body burns energy, not storing it. You can easily lose weight by eating during the day and not eating at night, without counting calories. By eating dinner early, it is possible to get rid of whatever disease we have and restore your sick organ. Whether it’s rheumatism, diabetes, eczema, etc. no matter what disease it is, you will have made a positive contribution to all of them. On the other hand, even if you don’t have a disease or weight, you reduce your aging rate.


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