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Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery specialist Prof. Dr. Turkish author notes that breast repair allows patients to better combat the disease by strengthening their psychological state, while emphasizing that the quality and life of prosthetics used in breast repair today increases.

Today is experiencing a very rapid development in the treatment of breast cancer. Moreover, these improvements are not only limited to treatment. A major stage was also recorded in the repair of the breast lost due to the disease. Now you can create tits that are no different from your natural one. Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery specialist Prof. Dr. author notes that breast repair allows patients to better combat the disease by strengthening their psychological state, while emphasizing that the quality and life of prosthetics used in breast repair today increases.

Breast repair is not a cosmetic operation, it is the replacement of a limb lost due to the disease!

In our repairs, it became possible to get better, more beautiful, natural breasts with aesthetic in Turkey results. For example, if the nipple is removed, we can even create a dark ring around the nipple similar to its natural one,” he says. However, there are many mistakes that are known to be true in society, so many women are deprived of it. Dr. described 8 known mistakes, made important warnings and suggestions.

If I have a breast repair, my treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy will fail!

This belief is absolutely wrong. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are not disrupted when mastectomy, that is, breast removal surgery and simultaneous breast repair are performed. These patients are able to receive their treatment in a timely manner without any restrictions after surgery.

Breast repair cannot be performed simultaneously with surgery!

Patients first think that a mastectomy will be performed and their breast removed, after a while they will receive chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and then begin breast construction. But now the common method in the world, the current technique; simultaneous breast repair. During mastectomy, a specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery can also repair the breast in the same session.

Breast repair is done only with a prosthesis or implant!

Patients think that only prosthetics or implants will be used to repair their breasts. However, thanks to the experience of doctors, it is now possible to make breasts using the patient’s own tissues. These tissues can be brought from the abdominal area, back Area, hip area or from the tissues on the upper side of the leg.

If radiotherapy is to be done, implants or dentures cannot be placed!

Contrary to popular belief, if simultaneous surgery is to be performed and patients will receive radiation therapy, then usually a replacement implant or prosthesis is placed later. They’re called expanders. First, the expander is placed, and then these expanders are inflated. Patients see their radiation therapy and take their Rays on those expanders. Then the Plastic, Reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon removes the expanders and applies permanent prosthetics. Sometimes a permanent prosthesis can be placed directly on it and a beam can be taken on it.

If my disease recurs, it can be missed and missed!

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery specialist Prof. Dr. “Patients think that when they have a prosthesis or implant in their breast, or when tissue has been brought there, they can not be seen and skipped if the disease recurs. However, after such operations, patients are regularly checked, examined and radiological examinations are performed. It’s checked with an MRI when necessary. For this reason, whether it is an implant, prosthesis, or breast repair with its own tissue, it does not cause any disruption in the follow-up process,’ he says.

If breast repair fails, it is irreversible!

Not only breast repair, but even in the simplest surgical procedures, there is always a danger of complications, albeit very little. But, for example, when the implant is placed and there is a problem with the implant and you have to remove it, in procedures performed in competent hands, the doctor always has a plan B and C for re-repair. In this repair, it can be done using the person’s own tissues, or implants can be used together with the person’s own tissues. In other words, since the doctor always has an alternative treatment method and repair technique, the breast can be made again similar to its natural one.

A certain amount of time must pass for breast repair!

Patients can think,’ I’ve had this surgery, I’d better wait a few years’. But it has no time to pass. After the general surgeon, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist who perform the operation say that ‘breast repair can be done’, patients can have this operation at any time, at any time.

It may not seem natural!

Turkey Medicals added, “Our international patients can believe that it is not natural. But now today, plastic surgery techniques have developed a lot. The implants we use, the technology of prosthetics has improved a lot. It is possible to make a breast in close naturalness similar to the opposite breast when performed by experienced Plastic Surgeons on skilled hands. Sometimes the opposite breast can be sagging, small or large. At that time, we can also perform operations on the counter breast, collect, reduce or enlarge it. We can maintain symmetry between the two breasts. In other words, it is possible to make breasts that are more natural than their own breasts today,” was said.


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