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Breasts that grow, develop and take shape from the age of puberty; especially in women, it means a lot. As is known, it is considered by society that the breast is an indicator of femininity and is one of the indispensable elements of the female body. Although beauty standards are something that is constantly changing and changing from person to person, the breast is of critical importance to most women.

Every woman who wants to please herself, to be liked by others, tries to fit the body contours that are liked by society. As a result, he finds himself interpreting his own body while looking in the mirror every day. When commenting on his own body, he acquires thoughts about his body and makes decisions in this direction.

Some complain about the small size of their breasts, while others complain about their size. At the end of the process they are in, women often suffer from psychological and spiritual depression. In addition, if they are also in physical discomfort caused by a region that they think is problematic, they start looking for ways to solve the problem.

Turkey aesthetic breast surgery is one of the fastest developing areas of our day, and safer, more precise solution-oriented methods are being developed every day. But most women do not want to lie on the operating table no matter what happens. They begin to look for methods that can help solve the problem or speed up the solution. I would like to address this issue through exercises and herbal methods that can help reduce the breast, which are widely known.

In addition to the regular exercises that I recommend for body health, exercises such as the following can also be done especially for breast reduction purposes. These regular exercises are aimed at removing sagging and disfiguring breasts for reasons such as aging, gravity, childbirth, breastfeeding, frequent weight gain and improper bra use.

These exercises:

– Exam

– Climbing stairs

– Lifting light weights

– Light-paced running

– Swim

– Pilate.

These exercises are aimed at a change in the breast area with muscle contribution to development of the muscles of the shoulders, back, chest. If done regularly, the exercises performed can have an effect on reducing the sagging rate and slowing down the sagging process before the breast shape deteriorates. But an already sagging breast tissue that does not contain muscles by its structure, consisting entirely of fat and mammary glands, does not get muscle result from these exercises.

Other dietary and plant-based methods that support the exercises that can be performed are also often preferred by our female patients. The breast area is rubbed with certain and regular movements, trying to achieve noticeable results. Various herbal mixtures, creams with dermatological tests can help restore the desired level of skin surface, but still can not give a full result in reducing the breasts that are already in a drooping state.

Breast reduction best in Turkey is the definitive solution at this point. Any method that comes to mind cannot be as effective as breast reduction surgery and does not give the desired result for sure. I recommend my patients to consider breast reduction before the sagging and symmetrical deterioration of the breast tissue progresses further.

With breast reduction surgery, it is possible for you to have breasts that are shrunk in a way that is most suitable for your body and your health in accordance with your complaints. Thanks to the developing medicine, you can always have breasts of the size and shape you want thanks to breast reduction surgery in Antalya and Istanbul hospitals, which we now do more easily in Turkey.

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President of Organ Transplant Center at MedicalPark Hospital Antalya

Turkey's world-renowned organ transplant specialist. Dr. Demirbaş has 104 international publications and 102 national publications.

Physician's Resume:

Born on August 7, 1963 in Çorum, Prof. Dr. Alper Demirbaş has been continuing his work as the President of MedicalPark Antalya Hospital Organ Transplantation Center since 2008.

Prof. who performed the first tissue incompatible kidney transplant in Turkey, the first blood type incompatible kidney transplant, the first kidney-pancreas transplant program and the first cadaveric donor and live donor liver transplant in Antalya. Dr. As of August 2016, Alper Demirbaş has performed 4900 kidney transplants, 500 liver transplants and 95 pancreas transplants.

In addition to being the chairman of 6 national congresses, he has also been an invited speaker at 12 international and 65 national scientific congresses. Dr. Alper Demirbaş was married and the father of 1 girl and 1 boy.


Eczacibasi Medical Award of 2002, Akdeniz University Service Award of 2005, Izder Medical Man of the Year Award of 2006, BÖHAK Medical Man of the Year Award of 2007, Sabah Mediterranean Newspaper Scientist of the Year Award of 2007, ANTIKAD Scientist of the Year Award of 2009, Social Ethics Association Award of 2010, Işık University Medical Man of the Year Award of 2015, VTV Antalya's Brand Value Award of 2015.


Doctor of Medicine Degree Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Ankara, General Surgeon Ministry of Health Turkey EKFMG (0-477-343-8), University of Miami School of Medicine Member of Multiple Organ Transplant, ASTS Multiorgan Transplant Scholarship. Lecturer at Kyoto University. Lecturer at University of Essen, Research assistant at the University of Cambridge .

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American Society of Transplant Surgeons, American Transplantation Society Nominated, Middle East and Southern Africa Council Transplantation Society 2007, International Liver Transplantation Association, Turkish Transplantation Association, Turkish Society of Surgery, Turkish Hepatobiliary Surgery Association.


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