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Breast augmentation in Turkey on Antalya holidays is the process of bringing the desired paint to small breasts with the help of prosthetics, also called silicone implants, or by fat injection.

Breast augmentation guide

One of the most important image details in female physique is the breasts. Breasts are the most distinctive element of female beauty, as well as symbolizing breastfeeding and femininity. For this reason, breast augmentation is the most common among breast aesthetic surgeries in Turkey. Breast augmentation in Antalya methods are determined in a meeting with a doctor according to the person’s expectations.

Breast augmentation methods

Breast augmentation methods in Turkey at JCI accredited 56 hospitals are divided into two main branches: breast augmentation by fat injection and breast augmentation by surgery.

Breast augmentation by natural-non-surgical means

Breast augmentation with fat injection

It is a great method for women who are afraid of surgery or do not want to be scarred. Breast augmentation is performed with the person’s own fat in this method, which is applied without stitches, anesthesia and prosthetics. Moreover, there is no need to worry if there is dissatisfaction because it is not permanent, you may think that it will melt anyway. In people with a difference in size between their breasts, applying a fat injection makes it easier to synchronize than silicone.

Breast augmentation with surgery

Turkish Breast augmentation surgery is an increase in breast volume with breast implants placed under breast tissue. Breast augmentation surgery is performed in the hospital under general anesthesia under operating room conditions. A breast prosthesis is placed in front of the novelette novelette or behind the musculature. The prosthesis is placed under the armpit, nipple, or fold under the breast. What technique to choose is planned with your doctor before surgery in relation to the breast structure and type of prosthesis.

Impylate selection in breast augmentation

Prosthetic shapes:

– Drop (anatomical) prostheses

In drop prostheses, the vertical diameter is slightly longer than the horizontal diameter, and the height of the prosthesis is more than the upper pole at the lower pole. It is said that since the shapes of drop dentures resemble drops, they give the breasts a more natural appearance. But over time, the drop of the prosthesis can cause a lower image, as the breast tissue will fall in harmony with the prosthesis.

– Round prosthetics

The horizontal and vertical base diameters of round prostheses are equal to each other. The reason it is called anatomically comes from the fact that it is more similar to The Shape of the breast. Round prostheses provide a more natural appearance when they adapt to breast tissue over time.

Prosthesis according to the content

According to its content, there are prosthetics filled with silicone gel and prosthetics filled with physiological serum, i.e. physiological salt water.

Breast augmentation guide

– Implants with silicone content

In these, a solid envelope consisting of silicone contains a silicone gel, and even if the outer surface wears out over time, the substance inside the envelope is gel silicone, so there is no shortage of leakage or leakage. They provide lifetime use if there are no health problems.

-Containing saline(Sal) dentures

It contains physiological serum. Although these dentures are not as long-lasting as a silicone prosthesis, they give a more natural feeling when the breast is tightened.

Prostheses according to surface structure

Looking at the surface structure, the prostheses are divided into two groups, the surface of which is flat and rough.

– Flat surface prostheses

– Dentures with a rough surface

It was found that the formation of capsules around prostheses with a rough surface was less than those with a flat surface.

Recovery process after breast augmentation surgery

After breast augmentation surgery in Antalya and Istanbul centers, you need to stand up and walk in the room a few hours after waking up from general anesthesia. After an average week of discharge the next day, the stitches are removed. For 2-4 weeks after breast augmentation surgery, it is recommended not to lift your arms up, lie up, and lift heavily.

Does breast augmentation with surgery require renewal?

Depending on the shape, content and surface of the prosthesis, its life varies. If you want a prosthesis that you will use for life, you should choose prostheses with a gel content, a rough surface. However, if the prosthesis that your doctor will recommend to you is different, it is useful to listen to your doctor.

Does breast augmentation with surgery prevent breastfeeding?

Since prostheses placed under the muscle will not have any effect on the milk ducts, they do not prevent you from breastfeeding Nov. Because silicones inserted from the nipple are removed and stitched after the procedure, there is a danger of damage to the milk ducts. It depends on the success of the surgeon. If you want to avoid scars under the breast and want to have your prosthesis made from the nipple, you should risk not being able to breastfeed.

Does breast augmentation with surgery cause breast sagging in the future?

Since the prosthesis placed under the muscle will be surrounded by the muscle structure, there will be no sagging.novo Novo. Prostheses grown on novelized muscle tissue are therefore not preferred.


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