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Prof. Dr. “Bone loss, which increases with advancing age, is described as a ‘silent epidemic’ because it does not lead to any complaints and signs,” said. This disease, which is increasing with the aging of the world’s population, can lead to both disability and death,” he said.

Osteoporosis, that is, bone resorption, is one of the most common causes of fractures that occur with increasing age. Fractures due to this disease in women occur more often after the age of 45, and in men after the age of 75. In particular, fractures of the spine, hip and wrist are increasing.

iHealth member and JCI Alanya hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Prof. Dr. listed the things to know about this disease, which progresses insidiously and is usually not noticed until a fracture occurs, as follows:

Risk factors that cannot be prevented

– Old

– Race (white race)

– Gender (female gender)

– Family history

Preventable risk factors

– Calcium deficiency

– Vitamin D deficiency

– Estrogen deficiency

– Lack of testosterone

– Smoke

– Alcohol

– Caffeine

– Medications (cortisone, thyroid medications)

– Still

– Dietary imbalance

– Excess salt

Foods that are a source of calcium

Only a limited part of the calcium contained in milk is absorbed into the body, while more than 50 percent of the calcium in green vegetables and fruits is absorbed. Animal proteins contribute to the production of acid waste in the body, causing the excretion of calcium through the kidneys, while vegetables and fruits do not lead to the production of acid waste and have a calcium-retaining effect. Vegetables and fruits are also extremely rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin K and vitamin C, which are necessary for bone health. Vegetables and fruits have a good calcium/phosphorus ratio, and the amount of sodium is lower than in processed and refined foods.

Sunbathe for 15-20 minutes every day

99 Percent of the calcium found in the body is in bone tissue. In order to keep bone tissue strong and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, it is necessary to get enough calcium from vitamin D and nutrients from the sun’s rays every day. As a source of calcium, the group of milk and dairy products, the group of vegetables and fruits is important. The most important source of vitamin D is the sun’s rays. In summer, sunbathing for 15-20 minutes without using sunscreen is extremely important for producing and stocking up on vitamin D, except for the hours when the sun’s rays reach the earth perpendicularly.

Calcium balance is very important

There should be a certain balance between the calcium taken and the calcium decanted from the body. If the amount of calcium taken is less than the amount of calcium excreted in the urine, a negative calcium balance sheet appears, and the body is forced to use calcium in the bone tissue to restore balance. In this case, the occurrence of osteoporosis becomes inevitable. Various studies have clearly shown that osteoporosis does not occur with a low intake of calcium, but due to the loss of excess calcium through the urinary tract. In other words, the loss of calcium taken together with the lack of calcium in food through the kidneys is the most important cause of osteoporosis.

Ways to strengthen bones

The most feared complication of osteoporosis is fractures. Ways to prevent fractures can be listed as follows:

– Movement (Exercise)

– Sunbeam

– Minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium)

– Vitamins (vitamins D, K, C, A, B6 and B12, folic acid)

– Good quality protein (Red meat, fish, lentils)

– Omega-3

– Estrogen, testosterone hormones

– Vegetables and fruits

– Alkaline nutrition


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