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Giant glaciers, interesting mountains and plains full of wild animals… We certainly live in a big and wonderful world. In fact, when looking at the most beautiful places in the world, it may also seem impossible to decide where to go as the next destination. The world-famous ranked 51 most beautiful places in the world that you must see from Antarctica to Arctic glaciers, from east to West.

“The list includes two must-see natural wonders from Turkey.” immigration Turkey iResidence adds.

All over the world is full of great beauty. Although we have been deprived of these beauties due to the pandemic process we have been in for some time, people are waiting to explore these unique routes again in the future. The world list of these beauties.

There are also two magnificent places in Turkey on the list, full of vast deserts, incredibly beautiful bays, forests that have not entered the axe, vast mountains and extraordinarily beautiful waterfalls. Here are the 51 most beautiful places in the world that you must see in the future, from Oceania to Africa, from America to Europe.

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Venezuela is home to Angel waterfalls, the highest waterfall in the world. The 3,212-meter Angel Falls waterfalls, located in the UNESCO-protected Canaima National Park. it has the distinction of being the most popular attraction in the country. Flowing 19 times higher than Niagara Falls, this huge natural wonder is a must-see.


Even though 99 percent of Antarctica is covered in ice, the landscape still manages to be surprisingly diverse. Surreal blue glaciers manage to amaze those who see active volcanoes. Drake Passage’s hard waterways and 360-degree views of untouched snow are the details that make this unmanned continent spectacular.

Arachiyama Bamboo Grove, Japan

Every traveler should experience the endless heights of this bamboo grove on the outskirts of Kyoto, Japan’s historic capital. The experience actually extends beyond the visual world: in 1996, Japan’s Ministry of Environment included the Arakiyama Bamboo Grove in its list of Japan’s top 100 soundscapes. The sounds that will be heard when you travel here have an extraordinary beauty. But these sounds have also been shown to cause different reactions in some people. So much so that even the presence of mental health disorders due to the sounds in the forest has been recorded.

Antelope Canyon, USA

Antelope Canyon is a natural wonder Canyon in the southwestern United States.. Navajo means” where water flows through the rocks ” and is a reference to the formation of the canyon through erosion. The narrow, undulating gaps between the rock formations create vivid patterns as sunlight decays through the striped stone. This aspect makes Antelope Canyon one of the 51 most beautiful places in the world

Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert is a world-famous desert of Chile, where the Great Ocean is located to the west. This desert, where it almost never rains, is also known by NASA as the place where spacecraft are tested. No rainfall was recorded in the area for 400 years, until rain fell in 1971. Today, Atacama remains the driest place in the world.

Baobabs, Madagascar

Madagascar, one of the largest islands in Africa and the world, is home to great wealth with its nature as well as its natural life. The island’s beauties include giant moths, insect-eyed lemurs and places like the surreal Baobab Boulevard, where century-old trees reach almost 75 feet decidedly high.

Azores Islands, Portugal

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores team islands remained the most extreme point that Europeans reached in the west for a long time until America was discovered. The Azores, a real natural wonder, are also quite developed in terms of Tourism today. The Azores, a community of Portuguese islands in the Atlantic Ocean, is also the last place in Europe where the sun sets.

Banff National Park, Canada

Canada, the second country with the largest area in the world, is also home to a large number of natural beauties. Banff National Park, located in the province of Alberta in Western Canada, one of the most popular routes for nature enthusiasts with its vast forests, mountains and glaciers, is one of the country’s most important natural riches.

Boracay, Philippines

With its magnificent coastlines and romantic sunsets, it’s easy to understand why Boracay has been chosen by people as one of the best islands in the world. Unfortunately, this natural wonder place has become overcrowded recently. This brought with it environmental problems. To compensate for the negativity that occurred, Boracay was closed for “rehabilitation” a few years ago. Now it is only open to a certain number of visitors.

Boulders Beach, Republic Of South Africa

On the False Bay coastline, Boulders Beach, about 27km south of Table Mountain, displays beautiful views of Cape Town, famous for its bright blue waters, granite boulders and even its penguins. So many people swim here just feet away from the adorable African Penguin community.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Home to 67 national parks, more than 6 thousand kilometers of coastline and landscapes ranging from deserts to snow-capped volcanoes, Mexico is much more than spring break clichés. Cabo San Lucas. At this place where the Gulf of California meets the Pacific Ocean, experiencing the region’s turquoise waters, marine life and the iconic Cabo San Lucas Arch will be an unforgettable memory.

Moher Cliffs Ireland

Few places have access to such beauty as this natural wonder at an altitude reaching 700 meters. The Moher cliffs, known as the Cliffs Of Madness, are just south of Galway, Ireland, the island nation, with their breathtaking cliffs. The area, which is also often home to Film scenes, is also visited by tourists who come to Ireland.

Denali National Park, USA

Denali National Park in Alaska, one of the largest states in the United States, is noted for its natural structure. The beauty of Denali is worth enduring the extremely low temperatures. Take a journey from your visit by seeing as many of the 6 million acres of shimmering lakes and jagged mountains as you can.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This route, where there are very few people, where you can be alone with nature and Wildlife, promises you a holiday that is both romantic and adrenaline-high. Although this geography, which Charles Darwin reached on a long journey and encountered living things that would form the basis for The Theory of evolution, is difficult to reach, it is worth seeing.

Grand Canyon, USA

Often called one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Grand Canyon National Park is on most travelers ‘ lists for a reason. The Grand Canyon, which spans a huge geography, is also one of the places where Hollywood films are often shot. This place is a natural wonder that especially adorns the dreams of adventurous travelers.

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a collection of islands located at the northern tip of the world, in the middle of the North Atlantic. The Faroe Islands, known for their cold and misty weather, are among the favorite decks of photographers in particular. Very few people live on these islands, which are connected to Denmark. Here’s what to know about the Faroe Islands, famous for their sheep…

Great Barrier Reefs, Australia

Although the Great Barrier Reef, the largest living being on earth, can be seen from space, the best point of view belongs to avid snorkelers and divers who come to visit each year. If you need to resurface after a dive, do so at Whitehaven Beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in the Whitsundays.

Greenland, Denmark

Greenland is a place in what is now Denmark. Although Greenland, the world’s Yesil island, means “green land”, the region spends almost all of the year covered in snow and ice. Greenland, where the northern lights can also be observed, is on the adventurers ‘ expedition route. In Greenland, which is the largest island in the world with a surface area of 2,166,000 square kilometers, only 58 thousand people live inversely proportional to its size.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Located in northeastern Vietnam, Halong Bay is beloved by its blue waters and the spread of limestone islands, all of which are occupied by tropical trees and Wildlife. For yourself, a boat trip is an ideal choice to experience the beauty of the mist-shrouded Emerald Basin and the myths and stories about it.

Isle Of Skye, Scotland

With its endless undulating hills, the magical Isle of Skye is what dreams are made of. Although the nature here is timeless, there is also a completely modern food scene on the island. We can’t think of a better place to taste Michelin-starred cuisine. The place is also known as the location for filming of the famous Outlander series.

Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal is a natural wonder located in Siberia, in the far corner of Russia. Baikal, the oldest known and deepest lake in the world, freezes completely during the winter months. Lake Baikal, one of the first places where Turks appeared on the historical scene, also has such an aspect. Lake Baikal is located in a sparsely inhabited geography of Siberia. Lake Baikal, formed 30 million years ago, is the oldest known lake in the world in this sense.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Although purple, pink and blue-colored bitter pods are not native to New Zealand, they really open most vividly at this southern tip of Oceania. Especially on Lake Tekapo, flowers line up side by side against a backdrop of crystal-clear water to create one of the country’s most stunning landscapes.

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

About a three-hour drive north of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, this Salt Lake in the shadow of the Andes is known for its blood-red waters, the result of algae thriving in extreme heat. Flamingos seem to be at their best from December to April: when the lake is full of water, it becomes more reflective for photos, and birds breed. Try to catch the lake at sunset, when it turns red.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Brazil

The geography of Brazil’s Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is unlike anything on earth. The rainy season in early June fills each hole with water, which is seen as either a drowned desert or a sandy lake in direct proportion to how the mind perceives it. It is this aspect that makes the National Park Special.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu continues to charm people with its Unsolved Mysteries today. Located on a high point in the Andes in Peru, this historic city was unknown to the rest of the world about a hundred years ago. Discovered by chance, this historic city was established at a height of 2,430 meters.

Milford Sound, New Zealand

New Zealand is no stranger to breathtaking landscapes, especially on the west coast of the South Island. Case study: Milford Sound is a mountainous fjord where you can experience all your Lord of the Rings fantasies. Milford Sound, the location where this epic series, one of the most watched films of all time, was filmed, is frequented by Lord of the Rings fans.

Mount Fuji, Japan

It’s hard to pick the most beautiful place in Japan, but the 3,777-foot Mount Fuji could take the prize. You can visit Lake Kawaguchiko in spring for the most beautiful views of the mountain and cherry blossom trees. July to late August, when the snow melts enough to allow access to Fuji’s summit, you can plan a trip if you’re an avid hiker.

30. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Africa’s highest peak looks more stunning than many other famous mountains because it is an ancient stratovolcano that is not part of any mountain range. This means that the 5,800-metre peak descends from all directions into wide, flat plains, a mirage-like impact on Tanzania’s rampant topography. Additional information; technical mountaineering skills are not required to climb to the top of the mountain October. Therefore, the region is a place where amateurs also show interest.

Namib Desert, Namibia

The Namib Desert is a natural formation that gives the South African country Namibia its name. With populations of rhinos, giraffes and elephants, as well as extraterrestrial landscapes and isolated luxury lodges, Namibia is unlike any other place on earth. In fact, red sand dunes and skeleton trees may also make you think you’re teleporting to Mars instead of Southwest Africa.

Na Pali Coast, Hawaii

Kauai has one of the most spectacular coastline in the world, with its soaring waterfalls and isolated crescent beaches. Just be prepared to make a little effort to experience its wonders: Na Pali can only be seen from a helicopter, catamaran or a rather difficult walk. So you have to make some effort to witness this beauty.

Okavango Delta, Botswana

The lush Okavango Delta, a 49-million-acre River Delta in northern Botswana, is like a true paradise where cheetahs, zebras, buffaloes and rhinos roam freely. Visit after rains during delta floods during Africa’s winter: while the Savannah’s grass is low, growth in waterways attracts tons of wildlife.

The Pitons, St. Ana Lucia

St.Lucia’s landscape fascinates its visitors. A duo of stunning towers known as pythons. Two volcanic peaks – Gros Piton and Petit Piton-are the most iconic places on the island, and visitors can enjoy it in a variety of ways. A singular experience should be hiking in the mountains, an activity that takes the better part of a day; or, if you prefer to keep your feet at sea level, throw in the towel at Sugar Beach.

Playa de Las Catedrales, Spain

A destination on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, Spain is famous for its island havens and semi-remote sandy beaches. Playa de Las Catedrales, a small strip of sand on the Galician coast where natural stone arches form a walkable “Cathedral” at high tide, continues to be admired.

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a true natural wonder, located close to the Croatian capital Zagreb. The Plitvice Natural Park, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, is under special protection. Those who come to Croatia, especially to the capital Zagreb, also visit this famous route.

Provence, France

Seemingly endless lavender fields make Provence one of the most beautiful places in France. Factories where essential oil from Flowers is bottled and used to make soaps, lotions and creams mark this area. But many areas of magnificent Violet landscapes are also a source of pride in France.

Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Raja Ampat is a chain of about 1,500 islands off the west coast of West Papua. Pointed lava hills covered with lush forests; palm trees sprouting from steep cliff walls; mist drifts constantly in and out of deep canyons. One of Indonesia’s most exclusive routes, Raja Ampat, is also the center of attention for tourists.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia Tue

Located in southwestern Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni TUEs to be the world’s largest salt plain. When this salt lake dries, it turns into a layer of flat and dazzling white salt tiles. Tues de Uyuni during the rainy season, the shallow lake reflects the sky, creating a dreamy illusion of Eternity.

Reynisfjara, Iceland

If our Earth’s Moon had a coastline, it would probably look like Reynisfjara. Just a 20-minute drive from Vik in southern Iceland, the black sand and magnificently shaped basalt columns make this coast one of the most impressive places in Iceland, which is already an impressive country.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, a region in Turkey where all cities are carved into rocks, is an incredible natural event in itself. But every time hot air balloons cover the sky, most of which begin to take off at sunrise, the level of beauty literally reaches its peak. Cappadocia, which means the land of beautiful horses, is admired for its fairy chimneys as well as its underground cities and thus manages to become one of the 51 most beautiful places in the world.

Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale’s 17-tier pools are as beautiful as hot springs. White travertine stacks, a kind of limestone, look out over the city of Denizli, and its 34-degree waters perfectly reflect the sky of the sky-blue Aegean. It is also a natural beauty located next to the ancient city of Laodikeia. The ancient pool located in the area has managed to become the center of attention of tourists.

Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard, the northernmost settlement in the world, is negatively affected by global warming. Longyearbyen, the most important town in the Svalbard archipelago in Norway and the northernmost settlement in the world, is suffering from climate change. It’s also a place where everyone has to walk the streets with guns because there’s a chance of a polar bear attack. In Svalbard, whose land is frozen for most of the year, the dead are buried hundreds of miles away in Norway.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Tanzania’s Serengeti division is an ideal route for an African adventure. Dec January and March, large numbers of visitors flock to the region to witness 1.5 million antelopes traverse East Africa in an annual 1,500-kilometer cycle. This event, called The Great Migration, has also been the subject of documentaries.

Socotra Islands, Yemen

Socotra, a community of islands connected to Yemen in the southern Arabian Peninsula, is located at a strategic point at the intersection of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Although it belongs to Yemen, Socotra, where countries such as the UAE have intervened militarily, has a unique feature with its vegetation. The island attracts attention with plants that grow only on Socotra.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

With its granite columns, azure lakes and steppes visible with grazing guanacos, Torres del Paine is one of the most impressive places in the entire Southern Hemisphere. The area is also a hugely popular destination for hikers: veteran travellers can traverse this long trail on foot from start to finish in nine days.

Wulingyuan, China

The attraction in China’s Hunan Province contains thousands of sandstone columns, nature’s version of skyscrapers. Some of these scenic skyscrapers are even taller than the midpoint of the Empire State Building. Drawing attention with its unique structure, Wulingyuan also manages to be the center of attention of tourists visiting the region.

Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga is one of Norway’s most famous tourist destinations, featuring many natural wonders. Located on the steep slopes and foothills of decadent Trolltunga mountain with an altitude of 1100 meters, the view of the lake is among the most photographed places in the world. The region has gained great popularity in recent years thanks to social media.

Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud on the island of Bali is just minutes away from dozens of quiet villages and peaceful rural views. You can rent a motorcycle or bike in your hotel and get lost in villages, Tangerine gardens and rice paddies kept alive by farmers overlooking terraces, as previous generations have done for thousands of years.

Uluru, Australia

No matter how you choose to view 700-million-year-old Uluru (or Ayers Rock) From Above by hot air balloon or by motorcycle across the desert, witnessing its glory must surely be on every passenger’s list. This majestic Rock is also considered sacred by Australian Aborigines. One of the most interesting aspects of Uluru is that it is located almost in the middle of Australia.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe-Zambia

May February to May visit the area to see the decidedly clear images of 500 million litres of water pouring over the waterfall every 60 seconds. During the previous rainy season, excessive rainfall does not allow this, while tourists flock to the region for the rest of the year to see this natural wonder that separates Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Zakintos, Greece

Far less crowded than Mykonos and Santorini, Zakintos has Navagio Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Navagio, protected by cliffs, is accessible only by boat. Zakintos, located in the west of Greece in a direction overlooking Italy, is a route frequented especially by honeymooners.

Zhangye Danxia, China

These striped, multicolored mountains are Mother Nature’s answer to computer programs. Red sandstone and mineral deposits have been deposited in China’s Danxia Geological Park for more than 20 million years, causing a surreal layered effect.


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