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If you are closing your teeth with your hands while laughing, you are not confident in yourself. The secret of loving yourself is hidden in white teeth. This is also possible with aesthetic dentistry.

Turkey Medicals – here are the ’12 ways to love yourself’ and, accordingly, the importance of aesthetic dentistry. Here are 12 ways to love yourself:

1- If something seems wrong to you, don’t do it

2- Tell me exactly what you mean

3- It’s not your job to please people

4- Trust your intuition

5- Never talk bad about yourself

6- Never don’t give up on your dreams

7- Say “No” don’t be afraid to

8- “Yes” don’t be afraid to say

9- Be compassionate to yourself

10- Get things out of your life that you can’t control

11- Stay away from drama and negativity

12- May your teeth and smile be beautiful


In the last 40 years, the outlook on aesthetic dentistry has gradually changed. Many years ago, dentists were repairing teeth, and the focus in this context has always been the same: the removal of dental cavities and the treatment of gum diseases. But with the advent of fluorides and the understanding of the bacteria that lead to cavities and periodontal diseases in the tooth, the needs of dental patients gradually began to change. In this context, we dentists have started to pay attention to a smiling aesthetic now.


The most basic of the questions asked by patients is ‘How can I make my teeth look better?’ which constitutes a question. A team effort is needed to address this issue, and in addition, previously independent preventive dentists and maxillofacial surgery fulfill the desire of society to look better. That’s exactly what our specialty is. That is why all specialists have comprehensively understood the roles of various sciences in the realization of an aesthetic formation.

If the order of treatment planning is going from biology to structure and eventually to aesthetics, the aesthetic result that will result in this time will be compromised. That’s where the idea of aesthetics that we dentists always have in mind comes from. When patients undergo a treatment that will improve their oral health, they do not want to compromise their appearance.


Aesthetic dentistry practices have increased in line with the increasing aesthetic demands of our patients. Currently, laminate veneer porcelain, teeth whitening and zirconium porcelain applications are performed as the most current aesthetic dentistry applications. One of the most important criteria during a smile is the gums. If there are excessive visible gums or asymmetric gum levels in this area, which we call pink aesthetics, it would be impossible to talk about an aesthetic dentistry practice without correcting this situation. With aesthetic plastic gum surgery, which is one of the aesthetic dentistry applications, it is possible to correct this type of over-appearing or asymmetrically leveled gums.

With laminate veneer porcelain or zirconium porcelain without metal support to be applied later, it can achieve aesthetic results beyond expectations. Turkish aesthetic dentistry is determined by taking into account the ideas of our patients before starting the procedure in practice.

Who applies?

Those who are not satisfied with the shape of their teeth

Those who are not satisfied with the size of their teeth

For those whose front teeth are broken and worn

For those who have slightly crooked front teeth and want to have orthodontic treatment

For those who have split front teeth and do not want orthodontic or orthognathic surgery treatment

In people with hereditary staining and discoloration, in whom the bleaching process on the front teeth is insufficient,

In cases where there are bad habits such as jaw disorders, teeth grinding, nail eating, pen biting, and gum damage are advanced, lamina application is not performed for people who have colored front teeth, have wide fillings, and want aesthetic appearance.


For laminate veneer in Antalya and Istanbul, during the application a small amount of etching is performed on the tooth enamel. Then a plaster model is obtained by taking measurements from the patient’s mouth. Laminate veneers are rehearsed on this model.

Finally, the porcelain leaves are glued to the teeth by removing the polish. The advantages include:

1. The structure of laminate veneer coatings is very thin, their light transmittance is high. Therefore, it gives the appearance of natural teeth.

2. It does not contain metal substructure, which gives it a natural appearance.

3. It has a long service life if it is maintained.

4. Because they have a more smooth surface than natural teeth, the accumulation of bacterial plaque on them becomes difficult.


Can everything be eaten when I get a laminate?

It is not possible to separate the laminate veneers that integrate with the teeth from the tooth. The forces that you apply when biting or chewing food do not dislodge the coatings. You can easily chew it the same way as before.

Can laminates be broken?

Foods that can break natural teeth also cause laminae to break. They do not require much care from natural teeth.

Are laminates long-lasting? Is it durable?

If attention is paid to oral hygiene and care, they can use it without problems for many years.

Is there any pain or soreness felt during laminate veer application?

Since it is performed under local anesthesia, no pain is felt.

Is it difficult to care for laminate veneers? How is it done?

The care of laminate veneers is the same as for natural teeth. It requires regular brushing and flossing.

To whom can laminate veneer be applied?

It can be applied to everyone in accordance with the doctor’s opinion, except for those under the age of 16 and people with severe tooth grinding.


Have you ever thought about how effective your smile is on your facial beauty and the impression you make on people? Many of us are not aware of the impact of our teeth on our appearance. And yet a pleasant smile opens every door. People with a healthy aesthetic smile feel much more beautiful, young and well. It’s not at all difficult to have a smile that will amaze everyone.

Are you satisfied with your smile?

Have you ever wanted to have someone else’s smile?

Does the color of your teeth bother you?

Are you satisfied with the shape and arrangement of your teeth?

Would you like to have a much better smile?

Do you ever close your mouth with your hand while laughing?

By answering these questions, you can take the first step to having a perfect smile. When designing a smile at Antalya and Istanbul hospital dental cilinc, it provides information about the shape of the teeth suitable for the person’s facial contours. In women, the transitions are softer, the arches of the nose and eyebrows are more siliceous. There is the same parallelism in the teeth. The corners of the teeth turn softer. The laughing line is curved upwards. The two teeth in the middle are slightly longer than the teeth on the side. There are tiny intervals between the corners of the neighboring teeth.

In men, the facial features are sharper and more pronounced. The ratio of the forehead, nose, chin tip differs from the female face. Neighboring teeth merge into a more even line. The lines of the teeth are more pronounced. The laughing line is straighter.


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